Friday, December 24, 2010

Last challenge for the 12 days of Christmas

So for the last Challenge I decided to use Betty it only seems right.  She flies across the Christmas eve sky with her lil black helper delivering lovely, scary emo gifts to everyone!  My moon on the breast of the new fallen snow has some bling to it, and the ribbon along the bottom reminds us all that the naughty and nice list can change any time. Lol
Merry Christmas to Betty and the DT thank you so much for such a fun event.
And to everyone who played along thank you for all the wonderful inspiration I hope the holiday season finds you happy and safe!

Friday, December 17, 2010

SBS challenge 11 skully jolly christmas

Here is my rather late entry!  Always busy the last couple days of school before break, but lots of fun too!
So who decided to let the kids decorate by themselves?  You know they can't agree on anything :) Fun challenge I used Trim the tree Rio, Back to school Miller and Tangled Jude as the family kids. Rio is humming "deck the halls" Miller is late as usual and not too happy with Rio's choices, and while they argue poor lil Jude just wants a tree up so Santa will visit. Fun, fun, fun and skull and cross bones worthy situation!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sbs challenge day 10

Here is my super quick card for this challenge.  I used Rio for this one and she was being an attention diva so her fellow scare-o-lers somehow didn't make it onto the card.( :)OK so I spent the last 2days painting the backdrop for our choir program.  No other parents cared to help out so I was alone except for a lil help from the choir teacher herself.  So I whipped this lil card up in the last 2hrs. Sorry for it's simplicity I do kind of like how she turned out though.)  I colored her with sharpies, added sheet music to her hands and notes around her.  Her friend cat, and spider came scare-o-ling with her.  She is placed on pink paper embossed with snowflakes which I then used a dauber with white pigment ink over top the embossing to make it pop.  I frosted the edges of the card and background paper. Like I said quick but I kinda like how she turned out.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 9 at SBS Ghost of Christmas Past

Here is my next entry, I choose to use Mercius from the Steampunk line.  I gotta say that if Jacob Marley looked like this I might just welcome a visit. Hehehe. Anyway I colored my image with pencils this time an used my sharpies to outline.  I wanted a dark outline with light colors as if his form was wispy.  I also wanted a 3d look to the mirror as if he was reaching out.  I colored a second image cut out only the arms and attached it to the outside of the mirror which is cut from the french manor cartridge at 4and a half ".  Drippy goo is used on the sparkle white paper behind the image on the inside, and a ghost punch on the corners of the bronze paper.  I used the same elastic ribbon to camouflage the mirror hole on the inside that I used on the outside with black ribbon roses.  I used a few beads and some beading wire to make the chains Marley has to carry. Lots of pics.



Saturday, December 11, 2010

SBS Day 8 Sandy Claws

Now... many of us wait until the 25th for Santa Clause to come to town... but today SANDY CLAWS is coming instead! Or well he has actually arrived! All you have to do is create your version of Sandy Claws on your projects  Here is my Sandy Clause, a lil more difficult challenge as I have never seen the Nightmare Before Christmas Movie.  I choose to use the Skeleton Peter Digi from SBS.  I added a Santa hat and present to his sack.  I drew on some stitching lines to look more like Jack's bag.  A simple background of speckled navy cardstock, I cut the swirl out of the same paper and popped it up.  A cream circle behind Peter and the MS spiderweb punch instead of snowflakes in a sparkling white paper.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

SBS Challenge day #7

Today the challenge was to use an emo image and use purple, lime, and turquoise.  I decided to do a layout this time.  We try to make a small craft to decorate tables and trays at our local hospice most holidays.  My Father in law spent a good bit of time there before he passed and it really helps us through the holidays to give back to a place that helped us through.  This page will be for the picture hospice always takes of the kids when we make our delivery.  I hope you like Rio giving a holiday helping hand!  The white glitter paper behind Rio is punched with a MS border punch, the little bit of lime fluff is a feather Halloween trim i got at Joann's at 90% off. The snowman is cut at 4" from the snow friends cricut cartridge, I just cut off his head,cut around Rio's hand and arm then inserted the head.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

SBS Challenge #6! Visions of Steampunks! & a story:)

So have you ever come across an image and a story or background just popped into your head?  When the Steampunk line came out I fell in love with the Grace image.  She looked so gentle and sweet but you could tell she had been through some rough times.  I saw her immediately as a post Civil war southern belle.  Here is a little Christmas background for the Grace card I did for my entry.  I will show the card first for those who are not interested in the story.

It is the first Christmas since the war ended, Grace is walking to her friend's house.  They are throwing a welcome home party for Christian, her childhood playmate.  Christian was attending school up north when the war broke out. No longer a believer in Southern politics he joined the Union Army.  Grace is wearing what remains of her 2 favorite party gowns.  A lovely olive green silk gown which she has salvaged quite a bit of, and a burgundy brocade with only the blouse left.  Her petticoats and crinolines have long since been sacrificed, bandages for some stray soldiers wounds, wash cloths and various mundane things.  Instead she bustles the dress with bits and pieces of broken men's belts.  She has learned to adapt these past few years, 2 lovely dresses become a serviceable gown.  Where once she had traveled this road in a  carriage loaded with sweets and presents, now she walks bearing the gift of apples harvested by her own hand.  She stops and picks a bough of Holly leaves and gives thanks for what she does have.  When she was younger Grandpap (a sailor) would tell her you can whether most any storm if you just batten down the hatches.  Grace did just that, she learned, adapted, improvised and she survived.

I hope everyone can take a little strength from my Grace's story!
Happy Holidays

Oops forgot to tell you how I did this card first of all I kinda wanted an almost hourglass shape, I did this by using 2 different colored papers the tan in almost an egg shape then cut one end off flat.  The Green is a circle cut in less than half, for each half.  I used an ivory lace on each side I used the same lace which I finger gathered into a rosette and added a piece from an old broken bracelet, I used a burgundy and mauve ribbon behind it.  Since I wanted a Christmas feel I replaced the maple leaf with holly and leaves in Grace's hand.  The sentiment is a stamp and I cut flower around it with my only nestabilities set I used some old beads around  it then added some leaf sequins and red center beads.  I useda dusty mauve ink and inked the edges of the tan and a green distress ink on the lite green patterned paper.  All of this is placed on holly background paper and onto a white card.  Grace is colored with Sharpies.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 5 at SBS Jingle Spells, Jingle's a Witches Christmas day!

So today I decided to use witch Betty as an Icy Witch.  Who needs to dream of a White Christmas when you can cast a spell for one.  Blue, White and Silver are my favorite Christmas colors, funny cus I don't do well in the cold:)  Any way here is my entry for today, I was going to put a lil snow fairy in Betty's hand like she was an ingredient for the spell but since I still have to use my phone camera it looked like a mess up spot. pooh how long does it take to get something shipped gheesh.  Oh well, hope you like my Icy Witches for Christmas.  I drew some swirls in 4 different blue shades to float up from the cauldron, Gold star tinsel along the top, Above Betty's field head it says "Casting for a White Christmas" It has some gold doodling around the circle. I also added snowflake doodles to Betty's hat and Icy witches has added gold doodling as well. I know I know you can't see it.  So sad about that. Can't wait till the next challenge.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 4 Sugar and Spice and everything Scary!

So as soon as I heard the challenge this week candy and spiders came to mind, this is what the result was.  A couple of real spiders and then 1 candy spider in  Candy Cane London's dream.  Sorry for the pic again my new camera has not been delivered yet.:( I wish my lil pepermint spider showed up better, he has google eyes! Sweet spider-plum Dreams to all!