Tuesday, December 7, 2010

SBS Challenge #6! Visions of Steampunks! & a story:)

So have you ever come across an image and a story or background just popped into your head?  When the Steampunk line came out I fell in love with the Grace image.  She looked so gentle and sweet but you could tell she had been through some rough times.  I saw her immediately as a post Civil war southern belle.  Here is a little Christmas background for the Grace card I did for my entry.  I will show the card first for those who are not interested in the story.

It is the first Christmas since the war ended, Grace is walking to her friend's house.  They are throwing a welcome home party for Christian, her childhood playmate.  Christian was attending school up north when the war broke out. No longer a believer in Southern politics he joined the Union Army.  Grace is wearing what remains of her 2 favorite party gowns.  A lovely olive green silk gown which she has salvaged quite a bit of, and a burgundy brocade with only the blouse left.  Her petticoats and crinolines have long since been sacrificed, bandages for some stray soldiers wounds, wash cloths and various mundane things.  Instead she bustles the dress with bits and pieces of broken men's belts.  She has learned to adapt these past few years, 2 lovely dresses become a serviceable gown.  Where once she had traveled this road in a  carriage loaded with sweets and presents, now she walks bearing the gift of apples harvested by her own hand.  She stops and picks a bough of Holly leaves and gives thanks for what she does have.  When she was younger Grandpap (a sailor) would tell her you can whether most any storm if you just batten down the hatches.  Grace did just that, she learned, adapted, improvised and she survived.

I hope everyone can take a little strength from my Grace's story!
Happy Holidays

Oops forgot to tell you how I did this card first of all I kinda wanted an almost hourglass shape, I did this by using 2 different colored papers the tan in almost an egg shape then cut one end off flat.  The Green is a circle cut in less than half, for each half.  I used an ivory lace on each side I used the same lace which I finger gathered into a rosette and added a piece from an old broken bracelet, I used a burgundy and mauve ribbon behind it.  Since I wanted a Christmas feel I replaced the maple leaf with holly and leaves in Grace's hand.  The sentiment is a stamp and I cut flower around it with my only nestabilities set I used some old beads around  it then added some leaf sequins and red center beads.  I useda dusty mauve ink and inked the edges of the tan and a green distress ink on the lite green patterned paper.  All of this is placed on holly background paper and onto a white card.  Grace is colored with Sharpies.


  1. This is stunning, and I LOVE your backgund story :D

  2. WOW...Not only your card is gorgeous, but Grace's story is amazing! Thanks for sharing.
    Have a blessed day!
    Hugs, Carol L.

  3. This is so pretty, I think the touches of lace are perfect!

  4. What a wonderful story! And tells so much about YOU that you came up with a story for her! Just wonderful and so creative!
    Im SO glad I read your story and that you joined us again at SBC!